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Nature Spaces is proud to work with Off Grid Travel

We are delighted to announce that we will be creating sustainable buildings for the exciting new nature travel business - Off Grid Travel ( Off Grid Travel will be launching in Spring 2021 and is developing locations across Europe.

Off Grid Travel is an exciting new venture which will launch in Spring 2021 to offer inspiring accommodations in Europe’s most beautiful natural areas. From gentle locations on farmland, to breathtaking settings in remote national parks. Off Grid Travel wants you to reconnect with those around you through wonderful moments in nature.

Nature Spaces will be providing all the buildings for this exciting venture and we are excited to announce that wherever the location allows every building will run on 100% renewable energies - from solar pv panels, rain water harvesting, vermifiltration waste water treatment and the treatment and use of natural, fresh water sources. It is an exciting challenge Nature Spaces is proud to be part of.

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