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Manufacturing and Assembly

Our Process

Image by Dorelys Smits

At Nature Spaces we create high quality, sustainable buildings which are designed and manufactured in Scotland using the local supply chain and circular economy principles​. 

To help us design more accurately and help our clients visualise the end product  we use virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). 

We are proud of that fact that the way we build reduces ​waste,​ time on site,​ groundworks and weather delays.

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Our Workflow

 Hover over the infographic below explaining our process from initial concept to site open.


Discuss plans and aspirations with client





SIte opened to occupants 


Factory manufacture and assembly of components including quality assurance


We are transparent in our processes and ways of working. From your first initial enquiry through to the moment you hold the keys to your new building in your hand, we will keep you updated and informed every step of the way.



Utilising VR + AR technology for product development



Final site assembly co-ordinated with transportation and delivery (JIT)

Our Builds

 Hover over the infographic below to see more of our build solutions.

We are committed to achieving the highest quality of products, materials and finishes in all of our projects. From the insulation in the walls to the padding in bedding, we seek to utlise environmentally responsible and innovative products where possible.

All of our product specifications seek to utilise sustainably sourced, high performance and innovative solutions. The above building (designed for luxury self-catering tourism) includes:

  • All timber built utilising sustainably sourced timber.

  • High thermal performance envelope including cellulose insulation from recycled newspaper

  • An off-grid energy system including bolt-on energy centre with automatic controls for solar PV battery storage.

  • Carefully selected low-flow outlets in kitchen and bathroom to ensure responsible water usage.


Solar PV


Energy Centre:


Energy Centre:


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Our Philosophy

  • Innovation and sustainability - making healthy, better buildings 

  • Inspiration from nature  - our respect for nature inspires our processes, our materials and our methods 

  • Our love of nature inspires our designs – maximising light, movement and flow

  • Collaboration - across the manufacturing industry and with academia, researchers, scientists and our clients

  • Respect - our resources, our materials and our environment

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