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Nature spaces has a core team of sector professionals, each with a diverse range of skills and market experience meaning customers needs can be fully appreciated and understood.

The Nature Spaces Team
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Fiona van Aswegen

Fiona is a seasoned entrepreneur with start-up experience in several different industries spread between South Africa and the UK. She is highly customer focused and her experience in the luxury tourism market has fostered a deep interest in buildings which harness sustainability, circular economy principles and renewable energy systems. Fiona also sits on the board of one of Scotland's top 20 Carehomes and is interested in the sensitive, client-focused development of facilities within this sector.

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Nigel Wilson

Nigel began his career as a lifestyle journalist for The Guardian, Dazed and Confused and Harpers. He then co-founded a company specialising in the restoration of Baroque properties in Italy. Also an experienced Interior Designer, Nigel has many high-profile clients in Italy, the UK and German and is a lecturer in "The Psychology of Space" and has a published a book about comparative urban regeneration. Nigel is also adept at building and sustaining quality customer relationships.

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Neil Birnie

Neil is an environmental lawyer and experienced commercial investor who has been involved in environmentally themed and impact driven businesses for over 20 years. He previously co-founded a travel company which has twice been recognised as the ‘World's Best Green Tour Operator’ and has helped to raise and structure over £200m for nature focused businesses around the world. His wider commercial skills and experience help Nature Spaces customers find solutions relevant to their bigger goal.

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The nature Spaces team works closely with our design and development partners. Scroll down to find out more about our closest partners.

The nature Spaces team works closely with our design and development partners. Scroll down to find out more about our closest partners.

Design and Delivery Partners

The core members of Nature Spaces work in conjunction with a close team of design and development partners.



Nature Spaces uses ECOSystems as its build partner. ECOSystems is a dynamic and innovative PropTech company dedicated to low energy, sustainable and healthy building solutions in conjunction with digital transformation of the construction industry and applied innovation in timber technology.

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arc digital

Griffin trained as an architect and worked with leading design firms in the US and London before founding Arc Digital. Today, Griffin explores the intersection between emerging technologies and 3D visualisation, creating novel tools and content for innovative companies across a range of industries.


ABC Planning

ABC is an award winning development planning and design consultancy. Andrew has a unique breadth of experience across wild and rural landscapes to urban expansions, community regeneration, new towns, small housing and development projects.

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