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Green office buildings are good for your health.

The workplace is changing - fast. Human health and wellbeing are now key drivers of the innovation in construction and building design. For good reason, there is growing evidence of the benefit to employees of being in healthy spaces. The green movement began as a movement to reduce waste and use energy more efficiently but studies reveal the benefits go far deeper than that.

A 2017 study by researchers from Harvard University on the Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function found that participants in green office environments were more productive than those in conventional buildings. Those working in well ventilated environments were also the ones with the highest levels of cognitive function.

At Nature Spaces we are committed to healthy buildings from the inside out - from the sustainably sourced timber, to the local supply chain to the recycled cellulose (newspapers) used as insulation. We include green technologies as standard. We are committed to every detail of the manufacturing process and that is why we work with the best and most innovative in the industry, ECOSystems.

All our structures sit on stilts and are light, yet high quality and long lasting –this means they can be easily repurposed, moved and ultimately taken apart and recycled – so nothing ends up in landfill.

“As standard we include green technologies and apply circular economy principles. This means we think about each building throughout its entire life cycle – from reducing waste during the build, using sustainably sourced or recycled materials, using local wherever we can, and reducing heat loss and toxic chemicals throughout each structure.”
Matt Stevenson, ECOSystems
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